Understanding fungi from substrate to soul. 

Welcome to the The Psilocybin Cup! A three day weekend unconference for mycology and plant medicine enthusiasts looking to deepen their awareness, allyship, and relationship with the plant, fungi, and entheogen communities. 

Three days of talks about all things plant medicine, from activism, to science, to harm reduction and more.

Advocates and Allies: Sit in on conversations covering decriminalization vs legalization: what’s the difference, and why it matters, equity and representation in psychedelics, and allyship, community and activism in plant medicine.

Who Is This Event For?

Consumers of Medicine

Stay informed and partake responsibly by equipping yourself with the tools, language and knowledge as you prepare for your next journey.

Growers & Cultivators

Get informed on the latest scientific research and advancements in potency testing.

Facilitators & Space Holders

Hear discussions from well known stewards in the medicine community on the intersections of space holding, harm reduction, sustainability, and the role and history of the Diaspora in plant medicine.

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Caps or Stems: Which is more potent?

The anchor of this event is our potency testing competition which is the first and only of its kind.  Here at Oakland Hyphae, we’ve collected data from some of the best cultivators in the world, with results released to the public on 4/20. Our goal is to spark deabte and inspire informed conversation backed by science.

No fluff, just results.

"We have been running potency tests so we can answer common questions and have smarter conversations on fungi medicine."

- Reggie | Oakland Hyphae


April 17, 2020: 

Equity & Representation in Psychedelics: Lessons Learned From Cannabis

 Bringing together cannabis veterans within the psychedelic community for a discussion of lessons learned from the movement to legalize cannabis and how we can apply those lessons to the world of entheogens. 

A Conversation On Harm Reduction

How to practice harm reduction in sacred ceremony: A chat with medicine stewards on how to guide others in journey, ritual and more. 

April 18, 2020

The Integration Process

What is integration? What happens before and after the ceremony? Hear how to embody the medicine through integration.

Allyship, Community in and Activism in Plant Medicine.  

A discussion with leading POC advocates in plant medicine to discuss Black business, breaking stigma in the Black community, owning our own voice and more.

Africans and the Diaspora and Plant Medicine: Past, Present, and Future.  

This chat will take a deep dive exploring the use of plant medicine among Africans and the greater diaspora both in the past and present times.

April 19, 2020

Plant Medicine and Science.

For the nerds: Hear about plant medicine from the various active compounds in plant medicine, to current research, to where the scientist see the industry headed. 

Legalization VS. Decriminalization:

The Legal Path Forward for Plant Medicine.  

This conversation will bring together the people moving plant medicine forward legally.  We will dive into their various philosophies and discuss the current and future landscape of legalization.

April 20, 2020

Reggie to announce the winner for the Spring 2021 live on Instagram!

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We do this for the culture.

As we deepen our relationship with the entheogenic allies, we are committed to moving in ways that are sustainable, inclusive, and through an intersectional lens. Oakland Hyphae is Black led, and committed to making healing accessible to all communities. When you support The Psilocybin Cup, you’re supporting a greater community of artists, activists, healers and movement workers working at the frontlines of change.

The Psilocybin Cup is fully sponsored by the community, and we greatly appreciate you for your continued support.

Why Oakland Hyphae? Throughout history, Oakland has set the tone for other cities and communities around the nation in stewarding the next generation of thoughtful leaders, culture rceatators, advocates and plant allies. From being one of the first cities in the nation to decriminalize psilocybin, to the home of the Black Panther and Black Lives Matter movement, it's crucial that we embody the heart and essence of where Oakland Hyphae was birthed out of so we may embody that spirit in our work in the entheogenic community.

We do this for our healing—we do this for the culture. Healing is our birthright, and we invite you on this journey with us.

NOTAFLOF- No one is turned away for an inability to pay. If you cannot purchase one of the ticket tiers, please reach out to [email protected].

Meet Your Host of the Psilocybin Cup:

Reggie | Oakland Hyphae

Reggie consults with the largest mushroom cultivators in the world. He has worked with the largest cultivators in The Netherlands and and is currently advising in the establishment of the largest commercial mushroom farm and state of the art testing lab in Jamaica. He also has over 10 years of domestic experience in the US cannabis industry. Reggie is a member of the Advisory Board for Decriminalize Nature and an avid ally for all Black Lives.